Making a Difference. What does it mean to you?

Einstein E=MC2

Making a Difference. What does it mean to you? This is the first article in the Company Connecting ‘Making a Difference’ series. A few years ago we worked with Claire Kinloch and her team at Genoa Black to define our product line and some aspects of the company strategy. Claire, took us through a process … Read more

How are the banking and legal sectors embracing Artificial Intelligence and document automation software?

Whether we like it or not, we are moving towards a more seamlessly automated era in both business and domestic life – with technology such as Amazon’s Echo “Alexa” already becoming part of daily routines. As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to shape and accelerate the way we handle information and process data, this advancement is … Read more

Glasgow Looks to the Future: A Growing Tech Economy

In a tech-heavy global environment a country’s tech industry is fundamental to its international contribution and relevance. While Edinburgh remains the biggest player in Scotland’s tech industry, Glasgow is also offering a large, growing and crucially interesting tech/IT scene. Having looked at tech and IT in Glasgow before in the form of infographics that have … Read more

The Italians: Mario Fucilli Digital Marketing student at Company Connecting

Hi Mario, You are an expat from Italy, why did you decide to come to Scotland? Why Aberdeen?I decided to expatriate from Italy when I was in the third year of high school. I wanted to develop an international career and I thought that the UK is the best place to start. I was committed … Read more

The Italians: Cristian Ranallo- breaching the great wall of marketing

“In a Nutshell” series where we ask entrepreneurs and business people a series of questions to get an idea of what makes them tick. Our focus this week is on ‘The Italians’ – we have set up an Italian page to help connect Scottish and Italian companies. We feature Cristian Ranallo, the marketing and innovation … Read more

Company Connecting spotlight on e-learning and edtech

Company Connecting regularly reviews and publishes information on various aspects of technology.  Our extensive research and engagement within the IT SME sector provides us with a view of what’s happening with technology in the small and micro companies rather than just tech in large institutions. There is loads of information on ‘Fintech’ and its impact. … Read more

Connect with IT Solutions for Business

You’ve heard of Internet dating: How about using a similar service to find a company providing IT solutions to your problem? Define Search Match is the service that helps companies connect with the right IT company i.e. one that can deliver the specific IT solutions the company needs to help and sustain its business. This service has been … Read more